A Quick Guide for Writing Press Releases That Attract Major Christian Media Outlets 

Reignite Your Message: Discover Why Your Press
Releases Are Being Snubbed

Your life-giving message deserves to be heard world over not ignored. 
With editors and reporters swamped by an ever-rising deluge of press releases, you’ve got to work ten times harder to get their attention and broadcast your worthy story to the world.

To help yours pop out of the slush pile, we’ve crafted a free guide ‘How To Write A Compelling Press Release That Gets Results’ especially for you!

It answers four crucial questions that’ll get your message noticed:

  • Which format should I use to gain instant attention?
  • How many words exactly must I write to stand out?
  • How do I generate greater buzz around my story?
  • What mistakes must I avoid so my message isn’t trashed?